My food tour with Autentika Food Travel was fantastic! Having taken a number of tours over the years, I found the attention to detail impressive. The tour was well thought out and organized with lots of local flavor. I loved being in the plazas nightly with the local residents, the food was great and activities were all well planned. I would have NEVER found the places they took us to on my own. It really was authentic.”
Lisa D, Santa Fe, NM

Autentika's mission is simple: give clients authentic, new, and delicious food experiences in every city we visit. 

"Autentika" means authentic, from Esperanto, the first constructed "universal" language, whose intent is to transcend nationalities and foster peace and international understanding between people with different languages and cultures. 

Autentika Food Travel wants to do the same through food. Our tours are designed for fun first, but we hope that through the experience, our clients will gain a new understanding and appreciation of the foods they've tried and the cultures and people who created them. 

By sharing our knowledge and love of exploring new and interesting food cultures, we hope to spark your wanderlust. Our goal is to help dissolve boundaries, see differences disappear, and leave you with connections to people and cultures that will change you forever. 

Access and exclusivity-bringing you to places and introducing you to people you wouldn’t find on your own. That’s why our trips are so wonderful and memorable.
— Heather Tomasini Founder and Managing Director - Chef, Certified Sommelier and Certified Culinary Travel Professional

The Details

Fantastic Food and Drink
The food on every trip will always be amazing. Whether you're at a tasting dinner prepared by a top chef, are sipping the best ginger-tamarind mojito on a Baja beach, or learning traditional techniques from a local cook, you'll be immersed in an experience that's new and unique. Our itineraries are are carefully planned to offer a true experience of each region's cuisine, from rustic to refined.

We've built relationships with personable chefs and small, independent food producers in off-the-beaten path locations. We'll introduce you to places and people you'll love—and that you wouldn't not find on your own.  

Our Guides and Chefs
Our local guides and chefs are what make our tours truly authentic. Their expansive knowledge of food and travel, along with their commitment to ensuring that you have the best experience possible, help create the most memorable meals and vacation.They're fun, creative travel companions who love their work and love to entertain. 

Our Travel Partners and Designers
While we curate many of our tours directly, we also work closely with some of the global industry's most talented people to curate engaging and thoughtful tours. These leaders help us dial in to the best and brightest spots of each region, helping us narrow down exactly what activities will make our client's most happy. 

Our Amazing Destinations
Each region we visit is chosen because of its authentic taste and travel experience. We immerse you in the local flavor and culture, allowing you to soak in every drop of the regions essence.
Our current 2017 destinations include:
Colonial Mexico: San Miguel de Allende, Cadereyta and Querétaro.
Cuba: Havana and outlying areas.
Launching in 2017:
Baja California, Mexico: Valle de Guadalupe, San José Los Cabos, Todos Santos, 
Launching in 2018: 
South Africa: Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek. 

Premium Accommodations
Traveling abroad is filled with exciting days and nights, yet every traveler enjoys returning to a comfortable room to rest in. We book the best boutique and/or historic accommodations available. You won't want for anything at our properties. 

It's Your Trip, So We're Flexible

Our tours allow for flexibility so your vacation is perfect:

  • Experience hands-on cooking classes, or sit back and watch the show.
  • Autentika welcomes aspiring oenophiles, brewmasters, and distillers—as well as non-drinkers.
  • We accommodate specialty diets whenever possible: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and full-on omnivores.
  • Enjoy our small tours (12 people or less) or have us customize a private tour.
  • Balance a social atmosphere with free time to explore on our own.

Above all else, we'll bring you the best food each region has to offer, whether that's at hot top restaurant, a local market stall or a new friend's home. You will eat, and drink and enjoy!