I truly enjoyed my tour with Autentika Food Travel. Having taken a number of tours over the years, I found the attention to detail impressive. The tour was well thought out and organized with lots of local flavor. I loved being in the plazas nightly with the local residents, the food was great and activities were all well planned. I would have NEVER found the places they took us to on my own. It really was authentic.” Lisa D, Santa Fe, NM
Excellent location scouting and great food focus. Chef’s dinners were excellent! The cheese farm was fantastic. I learned a lot there. I loved that there were no tourists in most of the places we went. I enjoyed the winery and glad we went there, along with the surprise stop in Bernal. The tequila tasting was excellent and well done and our farewell dinner .... I am still thinking about those duck tacos! Overall, beautiful locations, safe, welcoming and tasty tour. It was an authentic and memorable experience. Penelope B., Boulder, CO
I had a great time on this tour. I did and ate things I’ve never had before and laughed and relaxed which was exactly what I needed. The activities were fun, and the food delicious. Our welcome & farewell dinners were some of the best food I have ever eaten. This trip did make me feel like an “culinary explorer”. The farmers, winemaker, chocolatero, cooking teacher, tequila master - I was impressed by their knowledge. Loved the bakery visit - Pan Dulces were amazing, I could eat them everyday (I did)! The Hacienda and horseback riding (my first time) was so fun and that shower was to die for!
Sal M., Albuquerque, NM
The food was wonderful on this tour. I loved that we got to actually talk and interact and ask questions with the farmers, chefs, etc. You could tell they truly believed in what they were doing and how important their craft is to them. Our dinners were amazing. I had no idea food that delicious could be found in Mexico! The tour guide did a good job managing all the details. We went to places off the beaten path. I liked that, it made it special. P.S. I’d take this tour all over again just to eat that chile in negro mole sauce - out of this world!
Rosemarie T., Santa Fe, NM
I didn’t know much about Colonial Mexico, always thinking of Mexico and its beaches. But wow, I was really surprised. The architecture, the history, the food and culture - this tour brought it all together plus it was just fun! We did so much and yet, I still felt relaxed. I had a health issue on day 1 and the tour guide took immediate care of me and made sure I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip no problem. She found alternative things for me to do when I couldn’t join the group and ensured I had the pharmaceutical items I needed. I was grateful for that. Great trip - top notch service - book today, you’ll be glad you did!
Bob N., Edgewood, NM