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The prices listed above include lodging, most meals, ground transportation to and from events, bilingual guides, and entry fees to all sites. Price does NOT include airfare, airport transfers, gratuities, and personal expenses. A minimum deposit of $1,500 is required to reserve your tour. Any remaining payment must be made 60 days prior to departure, no exceptions. You may pay by credit card via our website (subject to 2.6% processing fee) or mail a check to Autentika Food Travel, LLC. See contact page for mailing address. Cancellation notices must be made in writing 60 days prior to tour departure date for a full refund. All amounts paid (except credit card service fees) are fully refundable if written notice is received 60 days prior to departure. Written cancellations received within 60 days of scheduled departure date are non-refundable. No exceptions to this cancellation policy will be made for any reason, including personal emergencies. There is no refund fro unused portions of the trip, leaving the trip early or for arriving late.
Because Autentika Food Travel, LLC (the "Company") is responsible for building a cohesive team of symbiotic travelers, the Company shall at all times have the right to refuse or eject any person from Company tours at any time, for any reason, or for no reason whatsoever. Liability in such situations, if any, shall be limited to amounts previously paid unto the company. Participant understands taht we will be travelling in a Developing World where the standards of hygiene, safety and timeliness are not the same as might be experienced back home. Participant understands that travelling with a group requires flexibility, compromise and generosity on the part of each participant. In order to be informed and prepared for your tour, participant agrees to read all written information provided by the Company and to ask for any clarifications before departure. Participant agrees to immediately notify the Company's trip leader of any perceived threats to safety. Participants are at all times solely responsible for delays, cancellations, or other events beyond the control of the Company, including without limitation: weather, political or civil instability, local custom, medical emergencies, and act/omissions of third parties. The itinerary is subject to change due to local circumstances. The Company has the right to substitute accommodations and services of comparable value when necessary, without prior notice. The Company has the right to cancel any trip at any time, including before departure. In the event of trip cancellation, liability will be limited to pro rata refund (by number of trip days) of all funds received to date. It is strongly advisable that the participant follow all foreign travel advice, including those regarding vaccinations, which may be found at Participant bears sole responsibility for any damages incurred if entry into a foreign country is refused. Therefore, participant agrees to verify that he or she possesses the proper documentation to enter the destination country, including a proper passport and necessary visas. Participant agrees to carry proper identification at all times. Participant agrees to accept the authority of the Company's trip leader at all times. Participant agrees to obey all laws of countries visited, and the Company bears no responsibility for participants violating same. It is the participant's duty, and not the Company's, to monitor the level of activities to ensure that they are within the participant's tolerance level. The Company relies, in part, on third parties to provide tours, cooking instructions, overnight accommodations, and transportation during its tours. The Company plans to exercise reasonable care in selecting such third parties, however cannot guarantee their suitability or performance. The Company strongly recommends that participants obtain travel insurance to cover property damage, delays, and health emergencies. The Company will provide contact information for various companies upon request.
In consideration of being allowed to tour with Autentika Food Travel, LLC (the "Company"), the undersigned Participant, on his or her behalf as well as on behalf of his/her heirs, administrators, executors, statutory beneficiaries, successors and assigns, acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions below. Acceptance of these conditions is material inducement upon which the Company bases its decision to accept Participant on it's tours: The Company acts solely as an intermediary to arrange transportation, accommodations, and some meals for participants while in the country being visited. The Company is not responsible for any injury, delay, loss or damage to persons or property which may occur while on the tour. Participant hereby consents to the Company taking photographs, videotapes, or any other image or sound recordings of my likeness or voice, which the Company is permitted to use in any manner, on any media, throughout the world, and without further compensation to participant in furtherance of the Company's marketing initiatives. Participant is fully aware of the inherent dangers of traveling to develop world countries. The Participant knowingly and freely assumes all dangers and risks, known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, including those due to the negligence of others, which may arise during Participant's travel with the Company. Participant hereby forever releases and absolves the Company (including it's members, officers and employees, and agents) from any and all liability for any injury or loss of Participant (or inuring to Participant) which arises out of the Participant's participation in a tour or activity of the Company. Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary, in the event that any liability is ever attributed to the Company (or it's members, officers, employees, and agents), such liability shall be expressly limited to, and shall never exceed, the amounts theretofore paid by Participant unto the Company for the tour being taken or for the tour scheduled to be taken.
The terms and conditions of this entire agreement shall be interpreted and governed by Colorado law applicable to contracts entered into and to be wholly performed in the State of Colorado, USA without reference to choice of law rules. The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the State of Colorado. The exclusive forum of adjudication of any disputes and claims among the parties, including any of their owners, members, partners, managers, officers, employees, and agents, or between any of them, or involving any person or entity claiming by, through or under this agreement, shall be arbitration proceedings before a single arbitrator in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act. Any doubts regarding the scope of claims subject to arbitration are to be resolved in favor of arbitration. Such arbitration(s) shall take place in Larimer County, Colorado. The arbitrator shall: (i) be an attorney who regularly practices in Larimer County, CO; (ii) have the same authority to order remedies as a court with competent jurisdiction would have had but for the existence of this section; and,(iii)be selected by mutual agreement of the parties (or if no agreement, then selected by any court of competent jurisdiction upon application). Any party may petition a federal or state court whose jurisdiction includes the county where the arbitration is to occur (or has occurred) for removal and replacement of a previously agreed or appointed arbitrator, but may only do so upon grounds provided by applicable law or upon the grounds that the arbitrator is: (i) failing to act; or, (ii) failing to adhere to the provisions for this section or applicable law. Alternatively by written agreement of all parties, any dispute may be removed from an arbitrator at any time, and for any reason, and place with an agreed replacement arbitrator. Attorney's fees, costs of arbitration, and pro rata portions of the arbitrator's fees shall e at the parties's respective initial expense, but may be awarded as allowed by law. The parties agree to mediate first, but refusing to mediate will not prevent proceeding to arbitration. All disputes and/or claims must be raised by a written notice of intent to arbitrate containing a statement setting forth the nature of the dispute, an estimate of the amount involved, if any, and the remedy sought. The notice of intent to arbitrate must be received by the other party(ies) within any applicable statue of limitations period as if such claim were filed in court in the absence of this section. If notice is not received within these timeframes, such claims shall be barred. Nevertheless, a notice of intent to arbitrate hall be considered timely, no matter when it is given, if it is in response to a lawsuit filed by another party or person. If, after fifteen (15) days following receipt of a notice of intent to arbitrate, all parties do not agree to - and take all necessary steps to - dismiss or abate any pending lawsuit(s) the party(ies) failing to agree or take such necessary steps shall be liable unto the other party(ies) for any and all costs and attorneys' fees incurred in pursuing dismissal and/or abatement of the lawsuit, which may be awarded by the court endorsing arbitration, or by the arbitrator after the matter is before him/her. An arbitrator's award shall be confidential, conducted in private, and will not be open to the public or media. No matter relating to the arbitration (including but not limited to, the testimony, evidence or result) may be (i) made public in any manner or form, (ii) reported to any news agency or publisher, or (oo) disclosed to any third party not involved in the arbitration. This section shall survive beyond the scheduled tour and beyond the termination of this agreement.
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