Our business is based on relationships. Relationships that have turned into good friendships. We want to thank our wonderful friends and partners by sharing their information. 

ZebraJellyfish Photography & Videography: Richard Mauro Ricchiuti has enhanced our site with his beautiful travel photos and fantastic fun videography. He can be contacted at http://www.zebrajellyfish.com/

JDO Cubillas, Photography: a Querétaro, Mexico, photographer. Please reach out to him for the beautiful photos of Querétaro and the surrounding area. He can be contacted at https://www.facebook.com/fotografiasqueretaro/

Juan Luis Moncada Photography: Mexico City, Mexico. Please contact him for beautiful photographs of Mexico (including this amazing shot above) at jmoncadao@negociosyconvenciones.mx

Tim Buss Photography: San Diego, CA, USA. Please contact him or visit his Flickr site for amazing photography from around the world. http://www.timbussphoto.com/ 

Baja California Secretaria de Turismo: Thank you for the Valle de Guadalupe and Baja Sur photography.

Guanajuato Secretaria de Turismo: Thank you for the photographs of San Miguel de Allende and Querétaro and surrounding areas. 

Visitas Guiadas Mexico: Thanks for the additional photography and videos.

Elisa St. John Graphic Design: Elisa provided our logo and website development. We are thrilled with the results. Please contact her for graphic design, web design, logo development and environmental signage projects at ElisaStJohn.com

Laurel Kallenbach, editor and writer: Laurel writes magazine articles about travel and food. She also edits pretty much everything — from books to web copy, including editing our own website! 

TransportArte: Daniel Vargas and his company, TransportArte provide our transportation services in Mexico. Their quality vehicles, safe and enjoyable guides make our clients feel comfortable and welcome.

Cuba Cultural Contrast, LLC: Our authorized Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control partner with whom we have developed our Cuba itinerary for legal travel to Cuba. With over 25 years of assisting travelers to Cuba, we are proud to partner with them bringing truly authentic Cuban experiences to our clients.